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Check Engine Light Service

Has your check engine light come on and you’re worried it will cost you too much to repair it? The Driver's Auto Repair team has been providing affordable diagnosis and repair for car owners in Humble who have a check engine light on for a long time. There are a number of reasons why it may be on, some are cheap to repair and some are more expensive, either way you can be sure to get the best price at Driver's Auto Repair.

As we said, there are many reasons why the check engine light could be on in your car. The Driver's Auto Repair team has seen a number of reasons why, but there are some common trends amongst car owners in Humble:

  • The O2 sensor not working properly
  • The need for a new catalytic converter
  • Old spark plug wiring needing to be replaced
  • Old spark plugs themselves needing to be replaced
  • The mass air flow sensor being in fault

We’ve seen it all at Driver's Auto Repair, but one we don’t like to see is loose gas caps. This simple problem has come by our shop a few times. The car owners who find out that they came to us just because their gas cap wasn’t screwed on tight enough the last time they fueled up are pretty embarrassed! Be sure that your gas cap is on tight, if it is then it is time to call us up at Driver's Auto Repair to repair the problem your car is having.